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Glasgow Minibus Hire

Whether you’re a visitor to the city of Glasgow or need a convenient way to get around, sometimes a taxi isn’t enough. If you need extra space, whether for a few more passengers or excess luggage, then we also offer minibus hire to suit any occasion.

Why Hire A Minibus?

Hiring a minibus is the perfect way to get around if you’re part of a group who are all travelling to the same place. For example, many wedding guests choose to hire a minibus as a convenient way to get to the event without having to worry about how much they drink, or how they’re going to get home after the reception.

Hiring a vehicle that can accommodate all of your guests in one place makes things a lot less complicated to organise, and can also help you to save on costs. When you divide the cost of the minibus rental between the number of passengers you have, it often works out as the most cost effective form of transport available to you.

Besides weddings, some of the other reasons for hiring a minibus in Glasgow include travelling to one of its two major airports, going for nights out in the clubs in the city (a great way for groups to beat the taxi queues!), getting employees to corporate events all together, or providing a way for sports teams or fans to travel to matches on time.


If you’re a visitor to the Glasgow area and are travelling as part as a group, then hiring your own minibus is the perfect way to get around. You’ll get a driver to take you where you need to go, so you can worry about seeing what you want to see, and the driver can worry about where they’re going to park!

Minibus hire is one of the most comfortable ways to travel. If you’re a family, you won’t have to squash up in your car. Although that might work out for smaller journeys, when you’re going to be travelling a lot, it helps to have space to relax in. Minibuses also come with more than enough space for your luggage if you need to get to the airport.

Types of Minibus

Glasgow Taxi offer a number of different vehicles to suit all needs. Minibus sizes generally range from small groups up to larger parties, and some will come with more features than others. Because these are larger than traditional cars, they usually require a specific driving license to drive, which is why we offer a driver alongside the minibus.

To make sure we’ve got the right kind of minibus for you, place your booking with Glasgow Taxi as far in advance of when you need it as you can. We’ll be happy to help you work out any travel queries you may have, and let you know what you can expect when you hire a minibus from us. Just try to let us know whether you have any specific requirements, how many passengers will be travelling with you, and when and where you want to go.

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